Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program by NabobTrade

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program by NabobTrade

Our broker has been helping you earn on financial markets since 2006. We convert traffic into money. Test your traffic and start earning today!

Payment plan 

Affiliate program

The Digital currency Trading Affiliate Program from Libertex is one of the most profitable ways to earn extra money online. How it works: you use online marketing channels to attract new traders to our system, they register, start trading and we pay you a commission. As our partner, you get either up to $ 800 for each qualified trader you brought (Digital currency CPA plan), or a lifetime commission for each deal that the traders you brought did (the RevShare plan).

OurDigital currency Broker affiliate program is not only an additional income, but also a chance to start your own interesting and successful business. You can start your ownDigital currency-related sites and blogs, attract traffic from social networks and other sources (arbitration), and by many other activities in the field of affiliate marketing. A rich selection of ready-made promotional materials and our 24-hour support will help you in this!

To become our partner, you do not need to understand every detail ofDigital currency trading! It is enough to have a popular blog or website with many visitors, many subscribers on social networks or use other sources of traffic, the choice of which we practically do not limit. We provide our partners with a full range of marketing tools, including ready-made banners, landing pages and much more!

The NabobTrade Membership Program allows members to earn money from users who use cryptocurrency transactions. Revenue is paid according to the CPA or revenue sharing model based on the selected plan.

CPA plan

The CPA program is available upon request. For more details, please contact our support team by email (

Revenue sharing plan

Using this program, you will receive the percentage of GR* (total revenue) generated by the trader you introduced to us and registered through the network terminal. GR equals the spread income without bonuses and refunds. Lifetime spending!

For example, if an Affiliate referred seven Qualified Traders who generated Gross Revenue of US$15,000 altogether this month, the Affiliate’s commission will be 50%* US$15000= US$7500


New qualified traders per month

Monthly revenue sharing percentage




on request


on request



*Qualified Trader is a person who has registered via a web terminal and whose net deposits (which is all the deposited money minus all the withdrawn money) have amounted to at least 100 USD; who has started trading and generated at least 40 USD of GR for the company.

*Gross Revenue is spread revenue generated by your referred traders who have registered online without any Bonuses or chargebacks. Here is an example to illustrate how it works: a trader made 5 trades within a month and generated for the broker Spread revenue of US$1, US$2, US$4, US$6 and US$7 respectively. During the same month the Company gave this trader a $5 Bonus. Therefore, GR will be (1+2+4+6+7-5) = US$15.

Referral program:

You receive 5% of each referral’s earning (for your lifetime).

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