Why is now the best time for a career in blockchain technology?

Why is now the best time for a career in blockchain technology?

The world is constantly evolving every day. There was a time when barter exchange was the norm. Subsequently, it gave way to money transactions. It was a paradigm shift that faced much opposition at the time of its introduction. Similarly, hard currency gave way to digital transactions. The transition has not been smooth. Today, the shift is towards cryptocurrencies. The day is not far away when a large portion of transactions in the world would be governed by Blockchain technology. Hence, it makes sense to gain certification in Blockchain technology. The ideal place to look forward to doing so is the Certification in Blockchain Technology offered by IIIT Bangalore, in coordination with UpGrad. 

Here are six reasons why it is the best time to make a career in Blockchain Technology.

1. Move with the tide

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”, It always makes sense to move with the flow. When the world is shifting towards accepting cryptocurrencies as a significant means of exchange, it pays dividends to gain expertise in this field. Remember, there was a time when Bitcoin was available for as low as $0.30. Today, the rate of Bitcoin hovers around $10,000. 

Blockchain start-ups funded by professionals are looking for different ways to exploit the benefits offered by blockchain. It is the right time for you to pitch in with your services and guide these investors. A post graduate certification in Blockchain technology can help you become an expert in this field. You would thus be in a position to provide investment guidance for such business entities. 

2. Blockchain Technology is currently blooming

The world is gradually making a shift from digital monetary transactions to digital transactions involving virtual currency. You have exciting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Augmented Reality, and Autonomous Vehicles that are attracting billions of dollars in investment. Today, most of such investments are made in cryptocurrency that employs Blockchain technology. 

Institutions like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are among the frontrunners in investing in such technologies. Naturally, an expert in Blockchain technology does stand to gain a lot. Thus, you find institutions like IIIT Bengaluru offering PG certification courses in Blockchain to enable students to gain technical expertise in the subject. A PG degree or certification will make it easy for you to enter the field of Blockchain technology. 

3. When you have a lot of investment, jobs will follow, as well

Blockchain technology is a new field. Hence, there is a dearth of Blockchain professionals in the world. Therefore, it is extremely rare to find people with experience over a few years in this field. Every day, you have new companies that provide enormous scope for qualified personnel in the field of Blockchain technology. 

Completing an educational program resulting in certification in Blockchain technology is thus the need of the hour. Your qualification can help fill up vital positions in these new companies.

Blockchain developers in India earn handsome amounts in the range of Rs 331K to Rs 1064K. At the same time, Blockchain developers can have a lucrative career in countries like the US, where the average salary could range between $150K and $170K. 

4. Variety of jobs available in this sector

Blockchain companies need personnel to work in various aspects. The act of buying, selling or storing cryptocurrency is a challenge. You need experts to handle such issues. A certification course in Blockchain can prepare you to offer your services, thereby making you indispensable to these companies.

If you look at the staffing pattern of these blockchain companies, you will find that they have great marketing and sales skills but always in need of good technical knowledge. A trained or experienced hand can prove helpful. At the same time, such jobs offer the best compensations. A six-month PG certification course in Blockchain technology should equip you with the skills required to handle such responsibilities. 

5. Shift to a world where there is the digitization of assets

We are living in a world where tech companies collect enormous amounts of data. The value of these digital assets is growing. It has also become attractive and profitable for cybercriminals to have a field day trying to steal these digital assets. Blockchain companies need your expertise in thwarting such hacking attempts. 

The certification course in Blockchain technology trains you to deal with security issues and ensure the safety of these assets. This quality makes you an invaluable asset for such companies. 

6. Opportunity to learn new and exciting skills

The PG Certification in Blockchain Technology conducted by IIIT, Bengaluru is ideal for software developers, IT professionals, engineers, analysts, and other technically qualified persons to earn an additional qualification. This course helps you to gain skills in Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Fabric, Composer, Advance JavaScript, and NodeJS. 

These skills could get you high-paying jobs like Blockchain developer, Ethereum Developer, NodeJS Blockchain Developer, Hyperledger Developer, JavaScript Developer, and Solidity Developer. 

Blockchain is a comparatively new field which is evolving very fast. Hence, a PG Certification in Blockchain Technology should be an ideal qualification to have today.      

Where can you learn Blockchain technology?

Today, Blockchain technology has become a sought-after course in India. Many universities have certification and diploma courses in this subject. NabobTrade Information Technology Institute conducts PG certification in the field of blockchain technology. This six-month course is a comprehensive one that prepares you in the finer aspects of Blockchain technology. The advantage of this course is that it consists of projects and case studies. Personalized resume building sessions help you pitch your talents to your future employers. Students get the benefit of a dedicated student success manager who monitors your progress.

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